About: Kaleshwar Shiv Temple – The Most Ancient Monument of Lansdowne

About: Kaleshwar Shiv Temple (Lansdowne, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India)

Kaleshwar Shiv Temple is the most ancient monument of Lansdowne. It is said that 5000 years ago, Kalun sage used to do penance here. Thus, its name is Kaleshwar from his name. The Gadwal regiment was raised on 5 May 1887 and the first battalion of the regiment arrived on 4 November 1887.  At that time there was a deserted forest here. Here in a cave was a Shivling, which was known as Kaleshwar. It was the village deity of the nearby villages. According to popular belief, the cows of the villagers used to automatically pour milk from their udders on the Shivling. The vows that people used to ask with reverence and devotion, were definitely fulfilled.

The first Garhwal, in 1901 built a small temple and a Dharamshala here. In 1926, the temple was renovated publicly. Worship of the temple was done by SadhuMahatma, and other arrangements were done by the Garhwal Rifle Regimental Center.

The temple was reconstructed in 1995 by the Garhwal Rifle Regimental Centre, and In 1999, the mosaic courtyard was constructed outside the temple by the Regimental Center itself. The temple is worshiped and maintained by the Garhwal Rifles Regimental Centre.