Bhairav Garhi Temple (Kirtikhal) – Protector of Garhwal Mandal

Bhairav Garhi Temple is situated at Kirtikhal approx. 18 km from Lansdowne.

Lansdowne > Gumkhal (12.5 km)

Gumkhal > Bhairav Garhi temple, Kirtikhal (5.5 km)

I stopped the motorbike at Kirtikhal during the journey to Rishikesh from Lansdowne. If you are not traveling by your own vehicle you can hire sharing jeep. And the approx. traveling cost:

Lansdowne to Gumkhal – Rs. 15

Gumkhal to Kirtikhal – Rs. 4 / 5

To reach the temple you have to climb approx. 2 km i.e., 40 mins. walk.

Upon query a local shared the history of the temple:

It is believed years ago Bhairav temple was at Hanuman Garhi (earlier known as Langur Garhi). When Gorkha attacked Garhwal, Lord Bhairav location was shifted to another hill now known as Bhairav Garhi. It is situated at approx. 9000 plus feet elevation. At Hanuman Garhi nowadays Lord Hanuman deity is present. Bhairav Garhi is a Siddh Peeth.

Hanuman Garhi and Bhairav Garhi are situated at a distance of 2 km approx.

May end or early June festival is organized by locals. And another one-month festival from 15 July – 15 August.

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