Shree Sita Ram Mandir – Also Known as World Famous Temple for Sava Mann Ke Shaligram

Shree Sita Ram Mandir to visit? – Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra – Next temple?

Shree Sita Ram mandir is also known as World famous temple for Sava Mann Ke Shaligram.

Shree Ram – a devotee was present, narrated The History of Shree Sita Ram Mandir as follows:

Shaligram is a pious stone found only at Gandaki River, Nepal. Two Shaligrams – one of Sava Mann and another one of Ek Mann are worshiped within the said temple. Sava Mann Shaligram is known as Laxmi Narayan and One Mann as Laxmi Narsingh. Ram Laxman, Krishna Balrama – The name was given by the devotees of Braj to these two pious stones. Earlier it was a small pious stone worshiped by a Marwari family within Fatehpur Shekhawati, Sikar, Rajasthan. It is said as there were fewer opportunities existing within those days at Sikar, Rajasthan, the Marwari family decided to shift to Hyderabad for business but before moving requested their family Guru to bless them so that their business would be successful in Hyderabad. The Guru gave them a small pious stone i.e., Shaligram to worship for the success of their upcoming business. The lady of the house started worshiping Shaligram at Hyderabad but one day the pious stone disappeared. She was very sad and started crying. That night Shaligram God appeared within her dream and told her not to worry as he is within the house but wishes to be worshiped by Tulsi – not available commonly within Hyderabad those days in the year 1723 thus, shift him to Vrindavan where there is lots-n-lots of Tulsi is present. The lady the next day found Shaligram within the mouse hole but to dig a hole one has to take permission from the Nizam of the area. Shaligram was found but it suddenly turns into a huge – Sava Man – weight. Upon the request from the lady, Nizam transferred Shaligram to Vrindavan through his workers which were fishermen. The lady also came along with Shaligram and stayed at Vrindavan forever.

In the year 1823 Jalan families built the temple.

Re: One Mann Shaligram once a saint was having a bath within the Gandaki River in Nepal and found the same. He brought One Mann Shaligram to this temple for worship in the year 1728. 1867 the temple was taken by Rangnath temple since then it is run by them.

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