Sankhari Khor – Here Lord Krishna Request Gopis for Milk and Butter

Sankhari Khor, Barsana, Uttar Pradesh, India

This year during a visit to Barsana to celebrate Laddu Holi as well as Lathmar Holi I was at Sankhari Khor. Knowledge was enhanced by Ramkrishna – a local friend about the narrow passage popularly known as ‘Sankhari Khor.’

During Dwapara Yuga Gopis carrying clay pots via this narrow passage visit Mathura and Rajasthan to sell Milk and Butter. As the passage is very narrow and only one person at a time can pass Lord Krishna stops Gopis and requests for milk and butter as daan (donation).

Note: Via this passage, one can also visit Gahavar Van, Mor Kuti, and Mataji Goshala.