Samadhi of Sant Gaya Prasad Ji

The start of Giriraj parikrama and on the right-hand side there is the samadhi of Sant Gaya Prasad ji. We all stopped vehicles and visited.

The best about them I found was they never accept money as donations. A display board has clearly written not to offer any amount of money or whatever. There is a small glass-covered makeshift place where you will find Kadam tree, feet of Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman, peacock, Mother Yashoda, Kanhaiya, Lord Narsinh, Cow, and many other carvings were naturally done within shilas (stones). Their stones are finding of Krishnadas – a disciple of Sant Gaya Prasad Ji. He showed us all one by one. Trust and one can really watch all said within the stones. Incredible – said I.

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