Mohini Bihari ji (Tatiya Sthan) – The Ashram of Swami Haridas

And we are towards Tatiya Sthan, the ashram of Swami Haridas (Guru of Tansen and Baiju Bawra).

Swami Haridas stayed at this location but for bhajan, he used to visit Nidhi Van or the banks of the holy river Yamuna. We all know the image of Bihariji (Lord Krishna) present within Shri Banke Bihari Ji mandir is the one that was presented by Lord Krishna to Swami Haridas at Nidhi Van. Mughal Emperor Akbar visited Vrindavan to listen to Swami Shri Haridas.

The ashram is full of white sand, trees, monkeys, parrots, and no electricity. Photography is not allowed inside but yes one can but outside only. I left slippers at the side and a walk over white sand – Excellent to walk. Pure natural – no doubt and monkeys passing by.

Neem, Kadam, Jamun, Papri, Peepal, and Khajur all such trees resemble Thakur Ji i.e., Lord Krishna if utmost pure devotion is present within a person. One such example is shown by a devotee – The hanging branches known as Jhula (swing) of Lord Krishna and many such that inspire devotion and surrender towards God. Most important nobody is allowed to do any such activity that harms trees, or plants. Even fallen leaves, and branches are not burnt but dumped inside a deep well present within the ashram area.

Radha Bihari Das – Swami Ji was present. It was evening hours and we along with a few more devotees sat in front of him to listen to bhajan. Holi days were not too far few lines were remembered from the bhajan as Ram Krishna helped to remember the words.

Rang Ras Ghori, Preeti Ras Jori, Rasikan Das Kheluhan Hori

few more…

And a strange at least I never saw that. A devotee called with a loud voice for evening Aarti for the people living outside the ashram area and within minutes ashram was packed with devotees ready to be present for aarti i.e., prayers. Old days when there were no loudspeakers I guess this was the only way to send messages. Impressive. History was present at least I felt the same.

Rasik Sakhi Dampati Aarti Sukh

Few aarti lines I remember but what I till-date remember is the ambiance, the location never experienced before. Devotees residing within the ashram area covered their faces with sandalwood paste and applied Braj Raj (Vrindavan dust) as well. No electricity within the ashram. No materialistic world inside. Devotees, Trees, Animals, Sand, and Lord – That’s it.

A must-visit ashram if you are visiting Vrindavan. Will visit again for sure – said I.

Mohini Bihari ji Mandir, Vrindavan is also known as Mohini Nikunj.

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