How I reach Rajapur (The Birthplace of Goswami Tulsidas) from Chitrakoot?

Seth Anandram Jaipuria Bhawan, Chitrakoot to Bus Stand, Karwi I hire an E. Rickshaw (sharing) for Rs. 15.

The E. Rickshaw dropped me on the left-hand side, a little before the Bus Stand, Karwi.

Commander Jeep was parked there waiting to leave for Rajapur – The birthplace of Goswami Tulsidas.

(Jeeps are available from morning 8 am till 6 in the evening)

Commander Jeep started at 10:10 am, reached Rajapur (Loop Line chauraha) at 11:10 am.

One hour total journey time for the 35 km distance. Jeep fare – Rs. 50 per person.

From Loop Line Chauraha, Rajapur, I hire an E. Rickshaw (sharing) for Rs. 10 for Tulsi Ghat – The Birthplace of Goswami Tulsidas nearby the holy river Yamuna. Thus, I reached the birthplace of Goswami Tulsidas from Chitrakoot. The journey continues…