Head/Clean Shave & Massage at Rajapur – How much I Paid?

After the tour of Rajapur, my tour guide wishes to have a clean shave. Although he also keeps his head shaved, I requested him to do both.

Finally, he agreed. And for his head/clean shave (Denim Axe cream), I paid Rs. 60 at a non-air-conditioned salon at Rajapur Bazar.

I enquired about Gillette Regular Shaving Foam and Brooks Shaving Foam prices.

Rs. 50 and Rs. 40 – said the barber.

Mostly in smaller towns/cities, Gillette Regular Shaving Foam price is Rs. 50 at a non-air-conditioned salon.

Even in New Delhi – a thought.

And what about Garnier Black Naturals’ hair color cost?

Rs. 100.

I requested for head and shoulder massage. The cost?

Rs. 30 only.

Not expensive – a thought.

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