Radha Soami Chinese Fast Food – Local’s favorite Roadside Stall Near goSTOPS

Evening hours, I was wandering on Shilpgram road and I saw a roadside stall – Radha Soami Chinese Fast Food (approx. 100 meters from goSTOPS) having a rush of local customers, especially youngsters – male and female.

I was confirmed that the stall is serving Chinese Fast Food.

I returned to the hostel and enquired with the staff about the stall.

I was told that the stall is very famous among locals as it has budget-friendly, tastiest Chinese Fast Food available since 10+ years.

The next day evening hours I walked again to Radha Soami Chinese Fast Food and enquire about the Chinese Fast Food available.

Fried Rice, Chowmein, Pasta, and Manchurian – the availability – said the owner.

I requested Fried Rice.

It was served hot within 10 minutes.

Fried Rice was incredible in taste.

I thought of having Pasta too but tomorrow.

The next day evening hours I again visited this stall and requested Pasta.

The taste was extraordinarily awesome. I was very happy to find this stall.

Timings: 3 pm till 10 pm.

Cost: Rs. 20 per plate (no matter what you order).

Budget-friendly isn’t it and drooling.

I can wholeheartedly say – Radha Soami Chinese Fast Food is one of the best street food stalls in Agra.

One should visit at least once for sure. What say?

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