Ishwar ki Urad Dal ki Kachori for Breakfast

Ishwar ki Urad Dal ki Kachori for Breakfast

Yes, I am a foodie. Whenever I travel to a city/town I am in search of famous local/street food maybe because, since childhood samosa, kachori, chaat, chole-bhature, lassi, chai (tea) are part of evening snacks/drinks, and having them, especially at street stalls if not home is tasteful and fun.

I was at Sawai Madhopur to tour Ranthambhore National Park to watch a tiger and a visit to Sawai Madhopur city with Gopal – a local passing through lanes, and by-lanes in search of a famous Rabri – a sweet dish shop. We were told by shopkeepers the shop was closed 8-10 years ago. Gopal is visiting the city after a long time – 10 years. But one shop that hasn’t changed and continues its service for more than 55 years is Ishwar ki Urad Dal ki Kachori. Ishwar Ji is no more but his son takes care of the shop. He was busy preparing one of the mixtures (Laung, sabut Kali Mirch, Kala Namak) for the next day’s Kachori. We stop. Upon query, we were told the shop is open only from 7:30 – 10:30 morning hours.

Current time: 12 Noon

I question: Why only three hours?

He said: Santosh i.e., satisfaction. Selling 200-250 kachori is good enough, and I am happy.

Two days later via early morning bus, I reached Sawai Madhopur City Bus Depot. About 100 meters walk behind the bus depot, I reached the Ishwar shop. Today is another day. People were lined up having kachori, and few were waiting. I was one of them. Fresh Kachori was in process. After 15 minutes of waiting time, kachori was served. No vegetable gravy, No imli chatni only Kachori. A bite and the judgment: HOT. The stuff inside i.e., masala – is excellent. Urad Dal, Sabut Dhaniya, and spices making Kachori delicious. The art is of masala making, and that is the only reason a few places Kachori is much more famous. One of the best.

The price is Rs. 5 only/-.

Memory: Bundi Chotulal Namkeen Center selling Pyaaz Kachori equally tasty.

Will say: If you are visiting Sawai Madhopur visit Ishwar shop, Chipamoi, Behind City Bus Depot, Sawai Madhopur.

Thank God I was carrying a water bottle, but I stopped myself. HOT is fun.

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