Jaipur Railway Station to Zostel (to-and-fro) – How much I Paid to E-Rickshaw?

Jaipur Railway Station – The train 22933 BDTS JP SFAST reached Jaipur (from Mumbai) on time.

Now the question was – How to reach Zostel? – a backpacker hostel situated at Chandi ki Taksal near Hawa Mahal.

Though there was a pre-paid booth for an auto outside the Jaipur Railway Station building but no one was present there.

I walk towards a policeman and requested him to guide me – How to reach Chandi ki Taksal (Zostel) from Jaipur Railway Station?

He suggested walking out of Entry Gate (right side), crossing the road and you will find many E-Rickshaw for Chandi ki Taksal.

I followed his advice.

There were many E-Rickshaw parked there but for Chandi ki Taksal the price they were saying was not convincing. I waited for a few minutes and keep on asking for the fare. Finally, an E-Rickshaw was ready to move for only Rs. 50 (including luggage). Yes, during the journey he picked up a few other passengers too but still it was a comfortable ride as well as cheap.

After spending a few days in Jaipur, while returning I was unable to find E-Rickshaw from Chandi ki Taksal (Zostel) for Jaipur Railway Station.

I hired a sharing E-Rickshaw till Badi Chaupad for Rs. 5 (including luggage).

At Badi Chaupad I bargain with another E-Rickshaw and finally, I (solo) was on the way for Rs. 40 only (including luggage).

Travel time from Zostel (Chandi ki Taksal) till Jaipur Railway Station was 40 minutes due to traffic in the evening hours.

Thus, I travel to Zostel from Jaipur Railway Station (to-and-fro) while spending a total of Rs. 95 only.