Devotees Having Prasad at Shakambari Devi Temple

Devotees Having Prasad at Shakambari Devi Temple

We were currently at Shakambari Devi Temple, Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan. I was hungry because early morning we left Pushkar and more than 3 hours of the journey. Few devotees present inside the temple area having Prasad. I approached them and requested for Prasad.

Dal-Baati, Churma traditional Rajasthani food, and a glass of water were served by the devotees. The food is prepared at the temple area by devotees and offered to God/Goddess and then as a Prasad they distribute among devotees. Thank you, Thank you said I.

You know I many times do this and find people love to share food/Prasad. I remember during Bhimlat Waterfall and Menal tour I requested for food and was served.


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