Bhimlat Waterfall – Created Due to 8th-Century Earthquake

Bhimlat Waterfall – Created Due to 8th-Century Earthquake

Road to Bhimlat Waterfall

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike was ready as well as Ashok Ji – The guide and we drove towards Bhimlat Waterfall via Khooni Chauraha, Ramnagar, Neem Ka Kheda, Gudda, and Jhopadia villages.

Because there are numerous accidents that happened past Chittor Road Chauraha is locally named Khooni Chauraha. Anyways, while passing through not that good road conditions but not that bad too crossing the railway gate and railway line once by motorbike and once walking we reach Bhimlat Waterfall.

In short, after crossing Chittor Road chauraha approx. 34 km you have to drive straight. Once between you have to cross a railway gate and then a few km drive and a display board on the right side indicating a right turn for another final 2 km for the waterfall.

There is a railway line just before the waterfall the same one that you crossed during your journey. Either you stop your motorbike/vehicle before the railway line and cross and walk to reach Bhimlat Waterfall or there is one more left side concrete road that reaches across the railway line but again after crossing the railway line you have to drive the vehicle within the rocky path to reach the waterfall. It is up to you. I guess four-wheeler driving after the crossing is not that possible. You know I have been to Bhimlat Waterfall twice. Once I parked the motorbike just before the railway line but the next time when I was there I follow the left side road to cross the railway line to reach the waterfall.

Taxi/own vehicle is the only option to reach Bhimlat Waterfall. And not to forget there are approx. 220 stairs downwards to reach the waterfall.

I started the Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike from Bundi at 1:20 afternoon hours and reached Bhimlat Waterfall at 14:30. That means Bundi to Bhimlat Waterfall is approx. one hour journey. Yes, I have to stop at the railway crossing for a few minutes because it was closed. Road condition OK.

Bundi to Bhimlat Waterfall Distance by Road is approx. 38 km.

It is said that Bhimlat Waterfall was created by BhimPandav‘s brother. Once Kunti – Pandav’s mother felt thirst at this location. His son Bhim hit the earth with his leg with such force that the earth was divided into two parts and water came out.

If you remember before the Bhimlat Waterfall visit I visited Shri Durgaprasad Mathur Ji – Historian to know more about Bundi as well as the waterfalls around Bundi. I was told Bhimlat, as well as Menal waterfall, happened due to an 8th-century earthquake. Bhimlat is about 100 feet deep from the land area and Menal is approx. 150 feet. Menal is approx. 70 km from Bundi. There is an 8th Century temple at Menal. It is said earlier tigers used to walk within Bhimlat area and people watch from the top as the tiger was not able to come on top. Then later stairs were made and now tourists and locals visit.

And Lord Shiva temple. Shivling is said to be since Pandav’s era as told by Shri Kanhaiya Lal – Bhimlat temple priest. Water directly from the mountain reaches Shivling via Gaumukh built a few years ago. Earlier there was only Shivling and four pillars Chhatri.

Twice I am watching this only within Bundi. At Rameshwar and now Bhimlat. Amazing. Prayers.

Wheat Kernels were given to Ashok Ji by the priest. Ashok Ji closed his eyes for prayers and after a few minutes watched how many wheat kernels were in hand. Upon query, knowledge was enhanced by the priest – 5/7/9/11 wheat kernels if in hands considered as auspicious and wishes will be fulfilled – old saying.

Tendu, Charel, Gular, Arjun Ka Ped waterfall is surrounded by lush green trees. There is a dam close to Bhimlat Waterfall. A huge natural lake close to the waterfall and the lake water reaches Bhimlat via Dam. Swimming or entering the lake is strictly prohibited because crocodiles and many other water animals are inside the lake.

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