Dilwara Temples – Built in the Year 1031 A.D.

Dilwara Temples – Built in the Year 1031 A.D.
  • 983 years old Dilwara five Jain temple complex is dedicated to 24 Tirthankar (enlightened souls) and 16 Vidya Devis.
  • Ambika Devi – Kuldevi of Vimal Shah appeared in his dream and conveyed the message to build a temple in Delwara.
  • Rs. 4,53,60,000 was the cost of land purchased by Vimal Shah to build the temple.
  • The first temple construction cost was 18 crores 53 lacs.
  • The second temple construction cost was 12 Crores 59 lacs.
  • 1500 artisans and 1200 labours worked for 25 years to complete this temple complex.
  • During temple construction, artisans and laborers were given gold per day as equal to the dust of marble submitted. More marble dust, more gold in return. And this policy made the carvings more artistic.
  • There are also 52 small temples inside. If you stand in front of any temple, you will find four temples around you.
  • 994 A.D. Adinath idol was discovered here only under the Champa tree.
  • 108 mann (40 kg = 1 mann) Adinath idol is installed.
  • Shri Neminath is known as the brother of Lord Krishna. At Shri Neminath Ji temple one can watch Dwarka along with the Gomti river beautifully displayed via carvings.
  • Whenever there is any renovation, it is mentioned. The last renovation was done about 50 years back during Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru‘s time.
  • Delwara temple is taken care of by Jain trust only.
  • Delwara Temple is open for tourists from 12 noon – 6 pm only.

Note: Camera, Mobile is not allowed inside the temple complex. One has to deposit at a counter.

Delwara temples for sure are rich in heritage with amazing carvings and one should visit at least once.

The above summary of Delwara Jain temple history is shared by a local authorized guide (I forgot his name) we hired from Tourist Reception Centre in Mount Abu. He is 58 years old and originally from Jamnagar (Gujarat). Upon arrival at Mout Abu during his job days, he decided to stay here forever. He was an accountant earlier but since 1985 he is an authorized local guide of the tourist department. As per him, he is the only guide authorized to enter the temple areas along with tourists.

Thank you guide for the narration. Thanks again.

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