Sardar Chaiwala – Famous Tea Shop in Ajmer

Ajmer to Mumbai train journey, talks were going on with a local about food/specialties of Ajmer town. Sardar Chaiwala – Famous Tea Shop in Ajmer close to Ajmer station was mentioned as serving one of the best tea in Ajmer town, and the moment it was decided during the next visit to Ajmer a stop for tea is sure. Finally, one day a few walking steps and I was at Cinema Road (next to the Clock Tower), opposite Ajmer Railway Junction.

A small kiosk on the left-hand side had people present, some sipping tea, some waiting, I was waiting too. Tea was served. The color of the tea indicates it is one of the best. Correct, very correct – I finished one and ordered another. Very few times it happens, we drink two cups/glasses of tea, especially if we are out of the home. Thank you – said I for the tea. What is your name? He didn’t disclose the name but said – everybody calls Sardar Chaiwala. Ok – said I. And the timings of the tea shop?

24 hours.

24 hours? I was amazed.

Yes – said he. We are four brothers running this tea shop for 7 days/24 hours.

I remember during my childhood days lemon tea with friends opposite our school. And then evening walks sometimes at a tea shop inside a market a little far away from our home, well-known for being one of the best tea in town. Memories. Amount paid.


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