Kishore Sen – One of The Best Freelance Massage Therapist in Pushkar

Kishore Sen – One of The Best Freelance Massage Therapist in Pushkar

Freelance Massage Therapist the search when I am too tired, especially after a long motorbike drive. To have a body massage is a wish or requirement I do not know but last 20 years I am having massage – head/shoulders/legs/full body in various towns/cities. Very seldom do I meet well knowledgeable massager as per the amount I can afford for body massage but when I met Kishore the search ended.

You may ask: What is a good massager?

I believe as per self-experience firstly a massager should have great pairs of hands which are always a God’s gift. Secondly, he must know body pressure points very well. In general, when the temple of the forehead, shoulders, lower back, calf muscles, and heel are relaxed and I am at sleep I am sure I am having one of the best massages.

Kishore runs a barbershop at Pushkar‘s main bazaar close to Vishram Ghat. Once during Pushkar’s visit, I had a wish for a massage discussed with a local friend, and Kishore was recommended. From that day till the last visit, the choice has been Kishore and only Kishore. I can say he is the best freelance massage therapist in Pushkar I have met to date. A gentle socially knowledgeable person also well known for making colorful dreadlocks. If I am at Pushkar and very tired, I know Kishore Sen (0-94144 15366) is there. No worries.

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