Bus Service for Kila Raipur from ISBT, Ludhiana

Bus Service for Kila Raipur from ISBT, Ludhiana

I reached Amar Shaheed Sukhdev Interstate bus terminal, Ludhiana at 11:30 am from Ajitgarh (Mohali) – approx. two hours journey but the question was – How to reach Kila Raipur from ISBT, Ludhiana?

Upon the query – bus for Kila Raipur I was told to walk a little approx. 50 meters to enter the local bus stand which is also part of this terminal to get a bus for Kila Raipur. At pillar no. 9 at 12 Noon hours, the bus for Kila Raipur arrived, and we continued our journey.

At 12:05 the bus started its journey and at 1:15 pm we reached Kila Raipur. Total journey hours for Kila Raipur from Ludhiana are approx. one hour and bus fare – Rs. 18 per person. Kila Raipur’s distance from Ludhiana bus terminal is approx. 18-20 km. A comfortable journey it was and picturesque as bus travel via various villages.

In short, if you are arriving from Chandigarh/Mohali and visiting Kila Raipur get another bus from the Ludhiana Interstate bus terminal.

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