I Visited 103 Years Old ‘Lotan Chole Kulche Wala’

Lotan Chole Kulche Wala is situated at 2353, Chatta Shahji Rd, Chawri Bazar, Old Delhi.

The address mentioned on Google is an old one. Need an update.

Chole Kulche stall was started by Late Shri Lotan Ram Ji in the year 1918.

Earlier they had a roadside stall, but now they have had their own shop running for 3 years.

Reached Chawri Bazar Metro Station and exited towards Chawri Bazar.

Right-turn. Walking towards Hauz Qazi Chowk. Reached.

Walking further straight till I reach Shyam Sweets situated on the right-hand side.

Opposite Shyam Sweets, there is a very narrow/congested lane. Walk inside.

Leave first left-turn. Enter the second left turn. Walk a little and you will reach your destination which is on the left-hand side.

As I am a desi street food lover, early morning breakfast was the plan, especially at Lotan Chole Kulche Wala – a very famous/popular and one of the oldest Delhi street food stalls since 1918 i.e., 103 years old.

Please note: There is no sitting arrangement, yet you will find a fairly large number of people having delicious Chole Kulche.

The best is to find yourself a comfy corner to stand in & have a very famous Lotan Ji Ke Chole Kulche.

Lotan Chole Kulche Wala shop is open from 7 am till 1 pm (365 days).

Certificate of Excellence by Delhi Food Walks.

Best Chole Kulche awarded by Dettol Delhi Street Food Awards 2018.

I asked the price of Chole Kulche.

Two Kulche for Rs. 50 along with Chole. If you want to add Amul butter, then Rs. 15 extra – said the person present.

Three Chole Kulche I had for Rs. 60. It was soft, fresh, hot, and spicy. It just melted in my mouth, and every bite – I relished.

Yes, water is required as the Chole Kulche was spicy.

Rs. 10 for Aquafina chilled water bottle.

Total Rs. 70 I paid and I was satisfied with the breakfast.

Caution: Please suggest to them how much spicy Chole you want? – Normal, Medium, or Teekha (spicy).

They also serve Chole Paani (water) for Rs. 10 but I was not interested as I stay away from spicy food but still would love to say – Ultimate, Yummylicious, Mouth-Watering, Lip-smacking and one of the best Chole Kulche I have ever had in Old Delhi.

Chole is made with boiled chickpeas/secret spices and the Kulcha is made with Maida – White flour.

So if you are in-around Old Delhi, drop at Chawri Bazaar to have Lotan Ji ke Chole Kulche. You will never regret it.

I name it – an iconic/heritage shop. A hidden gem. Must be taken care of by the State/Central Government.

I would suggest – try once to have an experience with our Desi Indian Food.

Do not expect that it will be a fancy shop/restaurant, but yes, little hygiene is required.

The staff is polite, and the service is quick. I highly recommend – Lotan Chole Kulche Wala.

If you walk further inside the lane, you will reach Haveli Dharampura situated at Chandni Chowk, Delhi.

The trip to Old Delhi was incomplete if I had not visited Lotan Ji Ke Chole Kulche. Now I am happy, I visited.

Knowledge was enhanced by cousin’s brother that Lotan Chole Kulche Wala also has a stall at Daryaganj.

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