Ladakh Carrier with Hard Luggage Box for RE Motorcycle

Ladakh Carrier with Hard Luggage Box for RE Motorcycle

Ladakh Carrier in Mumbai for Royal Enfield Motorcycle?

As per search in Mumbai, I found two shops selling Ladakh Carrier for Royal Enfield Motorcycle.

Spark Motion is one such shop at Grant Road (East) selling various products, accessories, and spare parts including Ladakh carriers helpful for bikers especially travelers riding Royal Enfield Motorcycles Or you can also check Allibhai Premji Tyrewalla.

Both shops are near to each other. Spark Motion is at Bapty Road also known locally as Arab Gali, Grant Road (East) in Mumbai.

But the question was:

Where to make boxes for Ladakh Carrier in Mumbai?

Hard Motorcycle Luggage, Tank Bags, and Saddle Bags are available for Royal Enfield motorcycles in the market, but I was thinking of boxes with locks fitted inside Ladakh Carrier. I personally find it safer and more spacious for keeping luggage in any weather or road condition during a long journey.

I discussed the above said with the Spark Motion guy, and he guided a  location where there are many fabricator shops specialized in making steel boxes, locker boxes, etc., and the address:

KGN Fabricator, 299/4, Meher Bux Bldg., Lokhand Galli, P.B. Marg nearby Arab Gali, Grant Road (East), Mumbai.

Owner: Afzal Khan (0 – 9870368377)

The fabricator guy understood the idea. After one week, boxes with Godrej locks were ready. Rs. 1000 per box was the cost and the finish, I have to say, was excellent. Till-date installed boxes are good in condition (rust-free) without any trouble, and I have covered 20,000 plus km road journey.

But yes, to install boxes inside the Ladakh carrier I have to do a few things as below:

  • Wield an extra iron plate horizontally on the outer side of the Ladakh Carrier so that boxes are well-packed inside Ladakh Carrier.
  • A cycle rubber tube was purchased and black tape. The Ladakh Carrier frame was covered with a rubber tube and on top of the rubber-tube black tape was rolled. This helps with reducing box sound during a road journey.

Close to Spark Motion nearby the Municipality Building is A2 Garage and Deva (mobile: 0 – 983367789) is excellent at wielding work. He wielded an extra iron plate and made four holes at the bottom of boxes to fix each box inside the Ladakh Carrier with the help of a nut and a bolt. Finally, all job was done, and I have to say it was Quality work and helped a lot during a long road journey as luggage was always safe and no worries when it was raining and boxes were not heavy.

Note: Spark Motion is currently shifted to Sidhwa Building, Balaram Street, Grant Road (East), Mumbai.

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