How much I Paid for Sony DSC HX400V Camera in Mumbai?

Sony DSC-HX400V High Zoom Cyber-shot Camera

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H10 camera is finally retired after four years of brilliant service with two-times parts replacement. The third time I was advised by Sony Service Center engineers – Not again because this time water, dust, etc. entered inside the lens during the Holi celebrations.

I accepted their advice and was in search of a camera though already had a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H100 camera purchased a year back for Rs. 11,500/- but was almost never used.

Finally, I purchased Sony DSC HX400V High Zoom Cyber-shot camera during the Mumbai tour from Reliable Photo Store situated at M.K. Amin Marg (King Lane), Shop No. 2, Fort, Mumbai. This location is also known as Camera Market.

How much do I pay for a Sony DSC HX400V Camera in Mumbai?

Rs. 24,500/- only, which includes company-supplied accessories, a Sony LCD protector, and a Sony Camera Camcorder bag.

Personally, I find the price cheap and above all, check this blog photos and I am sure you will agree Sony Cyber-shot DSC HX400V is really good.

Note: The attached image of the Sony DSC HX400V High Zoom Cyber-shot Camera is taken via the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H10 camera. Though it is functional but not properly. Good, isn’t it? Yes, I still like this old camera very much, but it is not available these days.