About: Karnala Fort and Karnala Bird Sanctuary

About: Karnala Fort and Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Just 10-12 km from Panvel while traveling on Mumbai-Goa National Highway, like a thumb in the distance attracting attention, a clear peak – Karnala Fort that captures the sky! In the year 1968, the government declared the Karnala Bird Sanctuary in this area which is surrounded by dense forest. Two types of forests are found in this sanctuary – humid mixed deciduous forests and evergreen riparian forests. Various types of tree species, vines, and medicinal and rare plants exist in these forests.

Along with this, wild animals like wild cats, rabbits, sheep, wild boars, salinders, monkeys, and many wild animals like snakes, pythons, monitor lizards, and lizards have a free range here. This is the home of birds! Along with predatory birds like Sarpagarud, Sasana, Owl, Peacock, Hornbill, Jacobin Cuckoo, and Yyellow-footed Green Pigeon, various species of migratory birds have been recorded here to date. 4 Nature Walks have been created for bird watching by nature lovers and scholars and good accommodation can be arranged here in the form of rest houses, and cottages as per demand. In order to create awareness about nature conservation, a nature introduction center has been established here.

Karnala Fort and Karnala Bird Sanctuary, which preserves historical footprints and is rich in nature, should be preserved.

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