Trekking Path to Charan Paduka

Trekking Path to Charan Paduka

The path towards Charan Paduka is on the left side of the Badrinath Temple. Walk a few meters and on the right side, you will see stairs going upwards. Follow the stairs to reach Charan Paduka situated at Narayan Parvat. During our visit, we saw damaged iron railings for stairs due to excessive snow but no worries as the stairs are wide enough to climb and after the stairs, there is a stony path to Charan Paduka.

We started our journey at 1:15 in the afternoon hours and at 2:15 pm we were at Charan Paduka.

The view from Charan Paduka is excellent. On one side you can watch Neelkanth Peak and on the other side, you can watch Nar Parvat. Offer prayers to Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu‘s footprints at Charan Paduka. On the left side of Charan Paduka is Rishi Ganga – the holy river. You will also see a memorial plaque on the right side near Charan Paduka talking about six mountaineers who went for the Neelkanth expedition and never returned. And if you wish, you can meet and talk with a few babas living inside Boulder caves near Charan Paduka. One such baba is Budhinath Yogi and the other is Mauni Baba.

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