Day 2: My Train Journey from Andheri for Tungareshwar Trek

Day 2, it was Sunday (less crowded train expected), I with a friend was visiting Tungareshwar temple at Vasai East but this time not via my Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark 350 motorbike but via Mumbai’s local train.

As said earlier, due to COVID-19, for general public local trains are available in three-time slots only:

  1. from the start of the days services till 7 am
  2. 12:00 Noon till 4:00 pm
  3. 9:00 pm till the end of the days services

I was at Andheri Railway Station little before 12 noon (for general public ticket counter opens 15 minutes before 12 noon).

II ordinary ticket purchased from Andheri till Vasai Road (to and fro) for Rs. 20 only/per person.

Local train (Slow) was on time and less crowded (You may take Fast also).

I suggest: download m-Indicator – an award winning Public TransportApp of India for up-to-date information.

Andheri Railway Station till Vasai Road local train journey time approx. 45 minutes.

We walk towards East side.

There were autos lined-up outside Vasai Road (East).

I enquire with an auto – How much for Tungareshwar?

Rs. 150 – He said.

I walk further and ask another auto.

Rs. 50 per person – He said.

Finally I found an auto for lesser amount.

Vasai Road till Tungar Phata (Tungareshwar temple gate)Rs. 40 per person.

15 minutes/8 kms journey approx., we reach Tungar Phata (below National Highway bridge).

Rs. 80 paid. Road-condition from Vasai Road till Tungar Phata was excellent.

Tungar Phata (Tungareshwar temple gate – below National Highway) till Tungareshwar temple is 3.5 kms journey.

Autos coming from Vasai Road are allowed only till Tungar Phata (Tungareshwar temple gate).

Tungareshwar temple gate, to reach little before Tungareshwar forest gate, you may hire another auto for Rs. 10 per person.

We decided to walk 3.5 kms.

Tungareshwar forest gate, you may hire another auto till Tungareshwar temple for Rs. 50 per person.

Again we decided to trek 2 kms from Tungareshwar forest gate till Tungareshwar temple.

What I like the most about Tungareshwar temple trek is the untouched natural surroundings.

I like the dusty road and the jungle all-around. Reminds of Ranthambore National Park (Rajasthan).

Entry Fee counter was closed. I was told – Sunday, Monday and National Holidays such as 26 January, 15 August – entry to the park is free.

As I walk further I saw Udasin Math on the left-hand side. Will visit for blessings while returning – I said to friend.

Tungareshwar temple trek is an easy trek but as I gained weight during lockdown I was tired of walking.

Though the distance was approx. 500 meters left, I thought of lift.

A scooty was coming – I requested for lift.

I was riding as a pillion at Pawan’s scooty. Thanks – said I.

Soon I was at temple-area parking.

Sorry to friend, who was trekking to reach temple.

Total trekking time from Tungar Phata (Tungareshwar temple gate) till Tungareshwar temple is approx. 1 hour (3.5 kms) but if you are super fit, I guess maximum you will take 40 minutes.

At temple-area parking I saw two paths.

One downwards towards Tungareshwar temple and another towards Balyogi Sadanand Maharaj Ashram – 6.2 km further.

Today, I decided to visit Tungareshwar temple only and maybe some other day 6.2 kms trek.

I was told by locals that motorcycle and auto can go up to Balyogi Sadanand Maharaj Ashram but on rider’s risk as the road condition is not good.

I enquired with an auto present – How much fare till Balyogi Sadanand Maharaj Ashram (to and fro)?

Rs. 700 – He said from Tungareshwar temple till Balyogi Sadanand Maharaj Ashram (to and fro).

Too costly. Anyway, I walk towards Tungareshwar temple.

Had blessings from Lord Shiva and visit to few more temples around.

After spending approx. one hour at temple-area, I walk towards makeshift shop to have snacks.

Mineral Water (Rs. 20), Limca 1/2 litre (Rs. 50), 3 Tea (Rs. 30), 4 Bread Pakoda (Rs. 60) – We had at Hari Om Sena Hotel.

Tungareshwar temple visit/trek finally was successful. I was happy.

I enquired with Hari Om Sena Hotel about Tungareshwar temple timings.

6 am till 6 pm (7 days open) – He said.

9:00 am and 6:00 pm is the Aarti time.

Maha Shivratri and the holy month of Sawan – temple is crowded by devotees visit.

Thank you – said I.

Best Time for Tungareshwar trek I believe would be – October month after rainy season.

Near parking-area I saw Mahant Bajrang Das Udasin Ashram. I paid a visit to have blessings.

Donated few rupees and finally with a smile downwards trek to reach home. The journey continues..

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