Day 1: My Motorbike Journey from Andheri East to Tungareshwar Temple via Western Express Highway

Tungareshwar Temple at Vasai East – the visit has been pending for a few years.

Finally, it was Maha Shivratri festival day and I decided to visit.

Though there is Mumbai’s local train from Andheri station to Vasai Road station but currently due to COVID-19, for the general public local trains are available in three time slots only:

  1. From the start of the day’s services till 7 am
  2. 12:00 Noon till 4:00 pm
  3. 9:00 pm till the end of the day’s services

I decided to visit the Tungareshwar temple at Vasai East via my Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark 350.

I started my journey from Andheri East (via Western Express Highway) at 9:15 am

By 9:40 am I reach Dahisar Toll Plaza covering 17 km in 25 minutes.

Yes, I drive slow. Mostly 40 km per hour.

The journey from Andheri East, Western Express Highway to Dahisar Toll Plaza was good because of the brilliant road conditions and not much traffic on road but once I crossed Dahisar Toll Plaza, the journey was different – heavy traffic.

10 am I was at Vasai Creek Bridge.

Though the distance from Dahisar Toll Plaza to Vasai Creek Bridge is only 6 km but due to heavy traffic on road, it took 20 minutes to cover 6 km. And too much dirt too in the air because of heavy vehicles.

After crossing Vasai Creek Bridge, after a few km, I saw McDonald’s outlet on the left-hand side.

I was hungry because yet to have breakfast but I continue my journey.

Will have breakfast while returning – I said to myself.

At 10:40 am after covering 16 km journey in 40 minutes from Vasai Creek Bridge, I reached Tungar Phata (below the highway bridge) that connects to Tungareshwar road to reach Tungareshwar temple.

But I was disappointed.

There was police deployment at the Tungareshwar temple gate and a notice was displayed.

I asked one policeman – is the temple closed?

He said – Yes, today only.

Anyway, what to do? – I have to return. Maybe another day will visit for sure but not via my motorbike.

The motorbike journey from Andheri East to Tungar Phata (Vasai East) was 39 km only but it took 1 hour and 25 minutes.

U-turn and I towards McDonald’s outlet.

After covering 12 km on the highway again, I reached McDonald’s outlet (right-side) at 11:10 am

Had breakfast with Cappuccino Coffee – Rs. 99/- only (combo offer).

Though the journey was not completed but a wish exists to visit the Tungareshwar temple again.

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