Clean Shave in Daund City – How much I paid?

Clean Shave in Daund City – How much I paid?

I was coming from Kumbhargaon (Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary).

I reached Daund city a little early to catch my train 11302 UDYAN EXPRESS to Mumbai.

Scheduled Departure: 14:35.

I had almost 1 hour. I decided to clean shave.

There were two options at the salon.

  1. Vi-John shaving cream
  2. Dettol shaving cream

Though I always use Gillette shaving foam but this time I decided to try Vi-John shaving cream.

And the result is smooth & safe. Fantastic job by the barber.

How much do I pay?

Rs. 50 for a clean shave with Vi-John shaving cream. Dettol shaving cream is also the same price.

What is the price for a clean shave with Gillette shaving foam – I question.

Rs. 70 – the barber enhanced my knowledge.

Anyway, Rs. 50 paid and I towards the Daund railway station to catch the train to Mumbai.

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