How much I Paid to Auto Wala for Ujjain City Sightseeing?

I enquired with the Hotel reception about the taxi fare for Ujjain City Sightseeing.

Rs. 2300 was the reply.

Later, I talked with an auto wala for Ujjain City Sightseeing.

Rs. 1300 (8 hours) for 4 people was the reply.

I said Yes to the auto wala.

What I found the best was that the auto dropped us almost the entrance of all the tourist places in Ujjain city. We had to walk a little.

Auto wala showed us Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga/Shree Bada Ganesh Mandir/Shree Kaal Bhairav Mandir/Shree Harsiddhi Mata Shaktipeeth Temple/Maharishi Sandipani Ashram/Bhartrihari Caves/Mangalnath Mandir/Ram Mandir Ghat and few more tourist places.

During the journey when we were hungry, we stop at Bhola Guru & Sons (since 1924 – 99 years old) for delicious Desi Ghee 5 Puri with Aaloo Sabzi/Palak Kadhi/Besan Mirch Chutney/Raita (Rs. 130 per plate).

Later we also stop at Yadav Doodh & Rabri Bhandar (11 a.m. till night – 150 years old) at Pandariba for mouth-watering Rabri (Rs. 40 per plate).

In short, I suggest if the weather is nice and one is comfortable with auto journey, one should hire an entire auto.

Auto wala started the journey from Hotel and showed us most of the tourist places and dropped us at Hotel again.

You can talk to any auto wala at Ujjain Junction Railway Station for Ujjain City Sightseeing or maybe you can request your Hotel reception to arrange an auto for you.

I also saw E-Rickshaw with tourists at Hotel.

So the choice is yours – Cab/Taxi or Auto or E-Rickshaw for Ujjain City Sightseeing.

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