About: Shri Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple (Sandipani Ashram)

About: Shri Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple (Sandipani Ashram)

Shri Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple

After killing Kansa in Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna and Balram came to Guru Sandipani‘s ashram to study. Lord Shri Krishna acquired 16 arts and 64 knowledge from his Guru in a short period of just 64 days. There is a legend that – Lord Shri Krishna used to do studies and self-study by fluently anointing Lord Kundeshwar Mahadev with the pure holy water of Gomti Kund along with Vidyagrahan, this rock is still situated at the Kundeshwar Mahadev temple. On which the statues of Vyas Gadi (Guru Gadi), Sudama, Krishna and Balram are situated. King Mahakal of Ujjaini reached Sandipani Ashram to see the school of Lord Shri Krishna, then Hari-Har met and all the gods and goddesses showered flowers from the sky and hailed the Guru. In honor of Guru Sandipani, Lord Mahakal and all the gods and goddesses were standing in the ashram. Seeing Devadhidev Mahakal standing, Nandigans also stood at their places. A rare sight of Nandigans standing in this way is seen in Sandipani in Avantika city.

The studies had also been completed. Lord Shri Krishna requested Guru Sandipani for Gurudakshina. For this, God of wealth Kuber was also present there but Guru Sandipani rejected Gurudakshina. But on the strong insistence of Shri Krishna, Rishi Patni asked for her dead son in Gurudakshina. Shri Krishna fought against Shankhasura in Prabhas Teerth Kshetra located in Saurashtra (Gujarat) and saved him and by wearing Panyajay’s conch, he brought the Guru’s son from Yamlok and introduced him to Gurumata and gave him Gurudakshina.

As evidence of all these incidents, in the Kundeshwar Mahadev temple, the very ancient miraculous statues of Lord Shri Kundeshwar Mahadev, Sudama-Krishna-Guru Sandipani Gadi, Balram, unique standing Nandigan, miraculous wealth god Kuber, Lord Vishnu, and Vaman Dev can be seen. Statues of other gods and goddesses are also located. The architecture of the roof of the temple is also based on Shriyantra.

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