Sri Prashar Homestay – My Stopover at Nandli Village (Mandi-Prashar Road)

Sri Prashar Homestay – My Stopover at Nandli Village (Mandi-Prashar Road)

Sri Prashar Home Stay, Nandli (Kataula) I preferred to stay before visiting the Prashar Lake festival.

I started Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark 350 motorbike from Naina Devi (Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh) at 7:15 am. After 20 km of driving within hills, I was at Kainchi more.

Bilaspur Town is 49 Km from Kainchi more and Mandi Town is 114 Km.

At 12:15 noon hours, I reached Mandi. Rs. 500 petrol (Rs. 75.40 petrol per liter) filled into the petrol tank for the further journey as I have to reach Nandli Village – 18 km from Mandi town.

The journey from Kainchi more to Mandi was not that exciting because of the heavy traffic on the road especially trucks and the condition of the road, was not that encouraging.

At Mandi, I inquire about the Prashar Lake route. I was told third bridge I have to cross and left turn or once I pass nearby Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Gurudwara there is a bridge on the left side.

I followed the advice and finally after crossing the bridge and left turn approx. 300 meters driving I was at a junction where a road goes up into the hills. Prashar Lake – 48 km displayed by distance board.

Driving continues and at 1:30 pm I reached Nandli Village.

The total distance from Naina Devi (Bilaspur) to Nandli Village (Mandi Prashar Road) is 158 km approx.

Total travel time from Naina Devi (Bilaspur) to Nandli Village (Mandi Prashar Road) 6 hours approx.

Nandli village population is 400 approx. and is surrounded by the Himalayas.

Prashar Lake is 30 km approx. from Nandli Village.

If you are not having your own vehicle the best way, to reach Nandli Village is by bus. Buses are available for Bagi Village at regular intervals from Mandi town bus depot. Nandli Village is before Bagi.

The best about Sri Prashar Home Stay

– Parking space

– Good double bedroom

– Quality homemade meals including tea

– Availability of staff for the village/Prashar tour

– Very reasonable room rate and friendly owners/staff

The toilet is not attached to the bedroom. The owner said within villages toilets are mostly outside the home. In June month there is a scarcity of water due to summer.

During the home stay most of the time, I preferred to sit below the Bottle Brush tree planted inside the campus. It was so relaxing. Once we went for a village tour had Plum fruit direct from the trees, had a look at tomato, cucumber, and apple plantations, and twice had a bath at Prashar khad. I also saw for the very first time the function of water chakki.

Overall experience – excellent.

While leaving I ask for the total rupees I have to pay and was amazed to know they offered service FREE. I question why? The owner – Deepak Sharma said as I am the very first guest it is FREE.

I respected the decision but paid Rs. 2000/- for three nights’ stay including food, tea, village, Mandi, and twice Prashar lake tour. Manoj – the staff joined as pillion rider for Mandi, Prashar lake tour.

Please Note: Upon the request for Himachal Pradesh food I was served Jhol, Mah ki Dal, and Chawal – Favourite Food of Mandi district which was excellent, and my knowledge was enhanced too. Even food during dinner time has varieties. Jhol – the traditional drink of Mandi is a favorite.

All I can say is the hospitality is excellent and would love to visit again and again. Thank you very much.

Deepak Sharma said next year maybe he will make a homestay 5 – 6 km before Prashar Lake as he is having land there and currently has an apple plantation. Wonderful – said I and I visited the location. It is too good to have a homestay there. Complete peace and excellent view of Rohtang Pass. Best Wishes!!

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