About: Ashok ke Shilalekh, Junagadh

About: Ashok ke Shilalekh, Junagadh

Ashoka‘s inscriptions, Junagadh

3rd century BC The rule of Maurya Emperor Ashoka was established in the Saurashtra region in 1500 BC, its authenticity is found in the famous 14 inscriptions of Junagadh and Girnar. Ashoka the Great (273-232 BC) got 14 of his inscriptions engraved on a large stone block located at the foothills of Girnar (Ujrajyant) hill. Apart from these inscriptions, inscriptions of two other great rulers of ancient Indian history – Mahakshatrapa Rudradaman (130-150 AD) and Skandagupta (455-467 AD) are engraved on this rock. All these records were discovered by Tod in 1822.

These 14 inscriptions of Ashoka, engraved in the Western dialect, probably ‘Ujjayini’ and in Brahmi script, include prohibition of killing animals, providing medical facilities to humans and animals, respect for parents, adherence to frugality in living, respect for living beings, Adherence to Rajdharma of kindness, etc., transparency in public works; The focus of each community is related to prohibition of extremism, giving importance to elders and religious pilgrimage over hunting etc., courtesy towards elders, adherence to morality for living, renunciation of attachment, restraint on speech, adherence to the policy of forgiveness etc. are various royal decrees.

In both later inscriptions, local officials of the reign of Chandragupta Maurya (323-295 BC) and Ashoka, the Vaishya Pushyagupta and Suvishakha, and the provincial governor, Parnadatta and his son Chakrapalita, during the reign of Skandagupta, on the Suvarna-Sukta and Plasini rivers there is a description of the history of the creation of Sudarshan Lake by building a dam, the damage caused to it after the flood and its revival.

Archaeological Survey of India
Vadodara Division

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During the visit to Bhavnath fair 2015, we saw approx. one km before on the right-hand side Ashok ke Shilalekh. We visited but were told by a caretaker – it is closed temporarily because of some restoration work.

No problem. It is always next time. And I read the ticket charges as below:

Rs. 5 per head is the ticket charge. Rs. 25/- for filming charges.

(ticket exempted for children below 15)

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