Information About Mahatma Gandhi Visit in Ahmedabad

Information About Mahatma Gandhi Visit in Ahmedabad

When Gandhi ji returned from South Africa in January 1915, Ahmedabad was chosen as his second home, because according to him, this Porbandar was no longer Rajkot or his caste. He first established the Satyagraha-Ashram at Kochrab near Ahmedabad on 25 May 1915 and then at Sabarmati Ashram across the Sabarmati River.

In 1919, the publication of weekly magazines ‘Navjeevan‘ and Young India started under his editorship from Ahmedabad. Now Navjeevan Trust has been established here.

Gandhi ji laid the foundation of Gujarat Vidyapeeth here in November 1920. In December 1921, at a Congress session, he was given full leadership rights at the Ahmedabad session.

He was tried in the sessions court at Ahmedabad for the crime of sedition and was sentenced to six years imprisonment on March 18, 1922. He resided at the Sabarmati Ashram and from there on March 12, 1930, he set out for his historic Dandi March for the Salt Satyagraha.

(Information About Mahatma Gandhi Visit in Ahmedabad- This photo was taken at Ahmedabad Railway Station in Gujarat)

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