Vhoddlem Ghor, Cotta, Chandor Village – A 500 Years Portuguese House

Vhoddlem Ghor, Cotta, Chandor Village (Salcete, Goa, India)

Vhoddlem Ghor – Ms. Sara Barbosa Fernandes – The owner and I on tour within The oldest house – part of the house close to the river – 500 years old.

– In 1640 (not very sure) the house was built and in stages

– Places to hide within the wardrobe during enemies attack

– underground stairs that reach straight towards the river to catch waiting boats

– 7 bedrooms – first floor – 7 bedrooms – ground floor, but earlier there were many near the riverside

Chandor earlier was the capital of Goa during the Kadambas dynasty – The History

– Furniture made of sesame wood brought from Burma by ancestor Fernandes

– English/German pianos

Look at the shape of the windows, look at the carvings

– Glasses on the wall with gold borders

– Belgium chandeliers

– folded table

– 5 years old wood-rose creeper

– Secrets to hide money/jewelry – box within boxes inside the furniture

– Modi script was recognized by the Portuguese government

– basin for the babies

And the tough maintenance as the house is close to the river – Termite – a big problem

– Old swords

– A palanquin/palki – pre-Portuguese period used to transport family priest

– Katre (palanquin) used especially by the ladies during travel

And many many more…

500 years old History well narrated – Thanks to Sara

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