Menezes Braganca Colonial Mansion (Chandor Village) – Built in 16th Century

Menezes Braganca Colonial Mansion (Chandor Village) – Built in 16th Century

Menezes Braganca Colonial Mansion – Ms. Aida Menezes Braganca – The current mansion owner with a smile welcomes visitors by opening the main entrance gate of the first floor and the tour inside.

16th-century mansion built in three stages having 28 balconies and 8 bedrooms And is looked after by the current owner And her friend Ms. Judith as well as 7 maids And 3 carpenters round-the-year.

Antiques displayed neatly – well maintained

– Paintings at the back of the glass by a Chinese artist

– Plates handmade and hand-painted 250 years old having the Coat of Arms of the family

– Jar is 200 years old

Buddha, 100 years old

– Rosewood furniture was made by local carpenters 260 years back

– Crystal from Brazil, Amber from Burma, Chinese furniture made of Ebony wood

– Chinese washbasin

– Bed covers displayed over the bed by Aida Menezes Braganca

– Initials of Great Grandfather

– Crystals from Murano

– Study-room of father-in-law And the last portrait

– Belgium chandeliers, Italian marble flooring, mirrors covered with real gold

– German piano 250 years old (not in a condition to play)

– Common dining hall of the family is 275 years old

– The house Infirmary(now not in use)

And many more…

The brightness And the bigness – Yep, a dream in real visit for sure.

When the family was financially stressed, and unable to maintain it, opened the mansion for public visits. With visitors’ contribution, house maintenance is done. The ceiling has been restored three times. Earlier it was in wood and was damaged by termites.

Visitors delight for sure, especially if one is interested in History/Colonial mansions.

If not, is a visitor’s delight for sure if they haven’t visited till-date.


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