Sweet Lake (Arambol Beach) – A Fresh Lagoon

Sweet Lake (Arambol Beach) – A Fresh Lagoon

The scenic long drive towards Kerim Beach was over, and I returning back with the thought of stopping at the Olive Ridley Turtle nesting site i.e., in short – Morjim Beach. Turtles have yet to arrive. Locals say in the month of December turtles are here to lay eggs. It is a protected area. Maybe in December, I will try to visit again.

The best thing about Morjim Beach is the long walk up to Arambol Beach passing through Mandrem and Ashvem beaches. Not too much of a crowd – silence exists. Shack preparation is going on as the rain has just finished, and I watching and walking.

A man requested to have Coconut water. Natural drink – why not especially before the long walk and the walk continues… Another bicycle person carrying a pineapple on the way towards Arambol beach – the cliff is far but visible.

15 minutes approx. and I standing right in front of the cliff, Arambol Beach. A small path very close to the cliff, and I was walking while watching makeshift shops selling T-shirts/kurtas/thailas/sun-glasses/shorts/Tibetan stones, etc., etc.

Afternoon hours I was hungry, especially after 3 km approx. walk which I seldom do. A shack, and I enter. Omelet-bread tea – The request and a question: What is interesting around Arambol other than beaches?

Sweet lake – said He.

Sweet lake? Where is it?

And he showed me the path which I followed till now, and the direction was to walk further towards Kerim beach for 5 minutes. finally, after the toast/omelet/tea within 5-7 minutes, I was in front of two amazing subjects:

1. The arambol beach / sweet lake beach

2. Sweet lake

And sand dividing them into two separate identities. Tourists having a good time – sun-bath. Few within the sweet lake as well as few resting. The lifeguard was present, and I inquired: Why sweet lake – The name?

Because the water flows down from the hilly area present, and water is sweet especially when it is very near to the beach i.e., why it is called a sweet lake. I thought of jumping inside the lake to swim, but I was not ready today but will visit again – said I.

And to reach there are two ways:

1. Reach Arambol beach – walk towards the cliff area and walk further for 5 minutes to reach the sweet lake.


2. Reach Kerim beach – walk towards Arambol beach to reach the sweet lake.

Sweet lake is on the borders of Arambol And Paliem said the lifeguard, and as per his narration there are only two ways to reach it.

Thank you – said I, and with the thought of swim, I was walking again, watching again.

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