Banyan Tree (nearby Sweet Lake, Arambol Beach) – An Ideal Place for Sadhana

Banyan Tree (nearby Sweet Lake, Arambol Beach) – An Ideal Place for Sadhana

What’s interesting around Arambol other than beaches?

Sweet Lake

The question was answered but I am in search of a temple – read somewhere.

Two young ladies walking ahead – talking about a mud bath nearby.

Another added question – another answer I have to search for.

The makeshift shop owners guided ladies towards the sweet lake, and I followed the question, not the ladies. Finally, I was at the sweet lake again after months.


– maybe later, but I am here to find out a temple exists nearby.

Temple? There is no temple but Yes, a banyan tree within the jungle where tourists visit. You will find Sadhus there. Come – I will show you – said He. It is little inside the hilly area inside the jungle.

The charge?

Rs. 200

Oh common

Sir, it is about a 10-15 minute walk inside the jungle and will also show you some more interesting locations within the jungle.

Rs. 150 – The final bargain and walking continue.

Ladies are resting having sunbath maybe mud-bath later – who knows.

Where is the mud bath?

On the way

Ok – said I, and we followed a very narrow path full of small rocks, dust, and dense bushes/trees all around – Santosh, the guide.

Banyan Tree, sweet lake – The famous one. Paragliding – another famous sport. Wanna do?

Not sure whether I will be able to do it. Maybe any other visit only for paragliding.

Anyways, why Banyan Tree is famous? – it is just a tree.

Last 10-15 years Banyan tree is famous as hippies used to visit it very often.

But is there any temple there?

Not as such a temple but Yes, sadhu (Baba) is there.

And a path – right turn – Where does this path go?

Towards bathing area and a few having baths.

Minimum pollution, maximum greenery, atmosphere – lovely.

And from where the stream flows?

From hills – Keri hills.

And he continues – The mud, as you can watch, is presently used as a paste all over the body And body is dried up within Sun and finally bathing within the flowing stream. Good for skin cleansing – They say.

(Multani Mitti – I remember ladies used to apply)

And I ask what’s the name of the mud?


Nooo…I am saying the name of the mud? Any particular name?

And again he said – MUD.

And we proceed further. A few tourists came from the opposite direction and Santosh said hi/hello – greetings. As per the environment all around I was thinking about canyoning which I did a few days back and narrated to Santosh while we walk.

Santosh stopped after a few walks and showed a location where a lady from Sweden staying for the last few years. Few utensils, few clothes, And makeshift tents were present but the old lady was not present.

She very seldom talks – He said.

Unbelievable – a thought, and we walk further.

Adventure – The correct word about self for walking inside the jungle, but what would be the best word for staying inside the jungle? Only those who stay know better.

The left steep path and you will reach the Mango tree – another 10-15 minutes walkway up, but nobody is there – said Santosh and we continue walking towards the Banyan tree.

Talks, voice a little far – I can hear. I guess we are very close.

Yes – said Santosh.

And finally, climbing a few rocks toward the visible Banyan tree.

Baba – How are you?

Good Good – said the Baba.

3-4 other people around Baba. Silent – atmosphere and as always queries – for long how long you are here Baba?

Last 39 years

39 years????

Yes, each year I visit this place during the winter season – November/December.

Are you from Punjab? – I question

Himachal Pradesh

As your tone is as similar to Punjabi I guess you are from Punjab.

Yes, education days are from Jalandhar DAV.

And with permission, I sat down.

And by the second week of March, I go back to North India a few times KulluManali a few times – Uttaranchal.

So what basically do you do here under the banyan tree?


What is your name?


Who discovered this place?

The first time a French guy is now known as ShankarGiri – the year 1970 discovered this very location and discussed it. After two years, in 1972 I too started visiting.

And I ask – Who is Sadhu?

One who practices sadhana is Sadhu, and he showed a small Lord Shiva statue.

Animals – I question. Aren’t you afraid of them during the nighttime?

No. They are all friends. 25 years back I saw a tiger and many times wild cats/monkeys/snakes but they never harm – They are friends – He said.

The location was very quiet and natural. Boiled rice/birds having food. The clean green surroundings and the age-old Banyan tree. Watching the scenery all around. A scenery for sure, and I started walking again toward the path I followed a few minutes before. And a thought – each of us – The same or different? Many within cities – few within the jungles – few visiting the jungle. Connecting self – is that sadhana?

Maybe and while passing Arambol beach I watched Diabolo stick, also known as flower stick A man concentrating to balance a stick between two sticks

Concentration/focus – sadhana?

Questions – Questions – Questions – is that life?

Maybe – the inner reply.

Winning questions – is that Sadhana?


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