Jake The Snake Boat Trips – Watch Crocodiles in Natural Habitat

Jake The Snake Boat Trips – Watch Crocodiles in Natural Habitat

During the Goa tour, I read somewhere a brochure talking about Jake The Snake Boat Trips, Backwater Crocodile Dundee, and I riding solo Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark to find out the location – Cumbarjua village somewhere near Old Goa – not sure but the only location to watch crocodiles and the ride continues…

Landmark: Karmali Railway station if coming from NH 17

Karmali Railway station > Gandhi Circle, Old Goa (2 km)

(A right-turn from Gandhi Circle, Old Goa towards National Highway 4A. Cross a Bridge and a left turn towards Cumbarjua village – I was guided by a local)

Gandhi Circle > Bridge (4.5 km)

Bridge > left-turn(.5 km)

left-turn > Cumbarjua village (5.5 km)

Cumbarjua canal flowing and I was on top of a bridge. There were no signs of any crocodile watching or location to hire boats. I decided to ask a carpenter working in his shop close to the canal.

St. Estevam village – The correct location – said He. Take a U-turn drive to Tonca and ask for St. Estevam village.

Ok – said I and the ride continues…

Cumbarjua village > Tonca turn left (3.5 km)

Tonca turn left > St. Estevam village (1 km)

And query about Crocodile watching, Cumbarjua canal. I riding again.

2.5 km journey passing through St. Estevam church (right-side) I again stopped to know about the ferry and luckily I was welcomed by a person conducting/organizing boat trips for watching crocodiles and his name is – Jake. I was welcome within his home. Jake’s home is very close to St. Estevam Ferry Jetty. Upon query, Jake shared information about boat trips and about the area.

The path I followed to visit St. Estevam village was 15 plus km but the shortest route is from Gandhi Circle, Old Goa only 3.5 km approx. – said, Jake.

Really??? – said I and we went to watch the shortest distance. During the walk, he narrated answers as per queries.

Cambarjua canal starts from the Mandovi River and reaches the Zuari River finally merging into the Arabian Sea. Daujee ferry – The correct location (3.5 km from Gandhi Circle, Old Goa) one has to ask once within Old Goa. Once you are at Daujee ferry you can see this location i.e., St. Estevam ferry where we are standing currently.

And you said you organize trips too?

Yes – said He. For the last 25 years since my father’s days and then for the last 12 years I – Jake organizing boat trips (Government approved) to watch crocodiles in their natural habitat within the Cumbarjua canal. Crocodiles in these areas are known as saltwater crocodiles/marsh crocodiles. Two wooden boats having a capacity of 40 passengers each equipped with all safety equipment along with a western toilet start at 9:30 morning hours for 2-3 hours depending upon the visibility of crocodiles. The guest should reach by 9:00 morning at the Daujee ferry location. Only one trip is organized in a day but Yes, if 15-20 more guests are present another trip can be arranged. Snacks/Drinks are provided as refreshments during the tour and narration during the tour is given by Jake himself. It is always good to talk one day in advance via mobile phone or personal visit especially if you touring Old Goa.

How many crocodiles one can watch in a day’s trip? – I question.

It depends. 10 years back I saw 38 crocodiles in a single day. Watching crocodiles is a guarantee – said Jake.

Not only crocodiles one can also watch different types of birds such as Heron, Grey Heron, Purple Heron, Egret, Little Egret, Great Egret, Sandpiper, Kingfisher, etc., etc.

And a brochure describing his job.

Rs. 1200 per person for the trip but if you want a special trip then Rs. 15,000 – The cost.

Thank you – said I.

Tour will start only from 21/22 October 2010 and continue till the end of April.

Ok. I will visit for sure.

Welcome – said He.

And he showed his land full of backwaters.

Jake – How do you decide where your lands end?

And we both had a laugh.

It was time to cross the Cambarjua canal. Ferry was on the other side. After a few minutes, it was within our side i.e., St. Estevam village. Thank you Jake for saving the next long ride.

5-7 minutes journey and I am on the other side i.e., Daujee, Old Goa.

Daujee ferry, Old Goa > Gandhi Circle, Old Goa (3.5 km)

Shortest very shortest isn’t it? Thanks to Jake for the guidance.

Will visit again for sure once the tour starts – said I.

In short: There are two routes to reach the Daujee ferry or St. Estevam ferry but the shortest route:

Reach Gandhi Circle, Old Goa, and ask for the Daujee ferry – That’s it. Cross via a jetty to reach St. Estevam village where Jake lives.

St. Estevam village is in Tiswadi taluka of North Goa district.

Mobile (Jake) : 0 – 9822 15 9344 Phone: 0832-2399463

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