KAKE-DA-HOTEL – Serving Authentic Punjabi Pure Desi Ghee Food Since 1931

KAKE-DA-HOTEL – Serving Authentic Punjabi Pure Desi Ghee Food Since 1931

Late Shri Amolak Ram Chopra - Founder of Kake-Da-Hotel at Mall Road, Lahore in 1931Menu of Kake-Da-Hotel (Connaught Circus, New Delhi, India)Kake-Da-Hotel is situated at 67, Municipal Market, Connaught Circus, New Delhi. Not far from New Delhi railway station – approx. 1 km. Very prime location and a very famous one of the oldest restaurants in Delhi.

The visit was pending for years especially when I used to stay in Delhi and had no money to visit such restaurants no matter how much the craving was for North-Indian mouth-watering non-veg. food.

Finally, in 2021 I visited Kake-Da-Hotel having more than 12,000 Google reviews.

Kake-Da-Hotel was founded by Late Shri Amolak Ram Chopra in the year 1931 at Mall Road, Lahore (now in Pakistan).

Veg./Non-Veg. food cooked over charcoal in brass utensils (in front of the hotel) and in Desi Ghee – The USP.

Around the hotel you will see many framed certificates from burrp (best chicken curry – 2009), HTCITY AWARDS 2007, foodtourindelhi.com (non-veg. curry), mouthshut.com, and a few more…

You will also see framed – The Great Khali photograph.

One must visit at least once for an experience if present in around Connaught Place.

They have no branch outside Connaught Place – proudly mentioned.

If you are non-veg. then there are plenty of options to choose from.

I requested Egg Curry (Rs. 100 per plate), Tawa Butter Roti (Rs. 12 each), and Mineral Water (Rs. 17).

The service was quick/prompt.

The curry of the egg was licking awesome. It was a new experience as I never had non-veg. in desi ghee. Incredible.

Timings: 12:30 Noon – 10:00 pm (Due to the current pandemic situation). Otherwise, open till late in the night and 7 days.

Downstairs and Upstairs – two sitting areas. I opted for the upstairs which if I remember correctly is air-conditioned.

Please note: Kake-Da-Hotel is not fancy but somewhat like a Dhaba if not Hotel and is busy/crowded always. Be prepared for a long waiting time till finally, you get a table.

Next time if I visit, I would love to have Dal Makhani which is slow-cooked overnight on a charcoal fire.

Total how much I paid?

Rs. 163 which includes CGST and SGST.

Reasonable price. Be sure, you will lick your fingers.

Kake-Da-Hotel – recommended at least once.

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