Hazrat Nizamuddin to Haridwar – General Class Day Train Journey Experience

Hazrat Nizamuddin to Haridwar – General Class Day Train Journey Experience

Tickets were not confirmed and no immediately reserved tickets are available including the Tatkal scheme within any train for today i.e., Sunday from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Haridwar Junction. What to do – The question and I thought of purchasing a general class train ticket.

Rs. 80 – The fare. I was happy because after years I was about to experience the general class of the train, and I had saved fare money also, I said to myself. If I was traveling by 3rd AC or 2nd AC more than 700 rupees (including Tatkal) I have to pay to purchase a ticket.

Ujjaini Express was on time – 11:10am. I enter general class after years. No seat was available nor any place to place luggage as everything was full. I decided to stand nearby the toilet. A passenger complained at the station about the cleaning of the toilet, and action was prompt. A cleaner was sent, and the toilet was cleaned with the pressure of water and a broom. Because I haven’t traveled in general class for years I was feeling a little awkward, but soon I convinced myself. I was carrying a newspaper and the best use at that time was to place it on the floor to make a seat for myself but very soon I had to stand again as the rush of travelers was increasing. Travelers were very cooperative even though I was traveling with two luggage boxes, but nobody complained. Maybe all were aware it is only a few hours journey, and we all want to reach our destination. Upon query, I was told that after Saharanpur the bogie will be almost empty, and I will for sure have a seat. It was so true at Saharanpur, I had a window seat and a place to keep my luggage comfortably.

A Chaiwala (tea seller) entered the train bogie. I had a cup of hot tea (chai) after 3:30 hours of standing. Rs. 5 – The price. It was good and relaxing. The Mineral Water bottle was also empty by that time. I walked towards the Saharanpur platform to purchase another mineral water bottle, but then I thought of filling the current bottle with tap water. I was filling a bottle with tap water at the railway station after years. The water was fresh and tasty, then why I was using mineral water during train travel, I questioned myself.

Train stoppage at Saharanpur is of more than 30 minutes. An Asst. Driver was standing on the platform. I had talks with him about his tough duty, which he said is not. The train whistled, and now it was time to experience the fresh air while sitting at the window. The greenery all around increased as the train was reaching close to Haridwar Junction. Once the train crosses Meerut, the sugarcane plantation can be seen as far as one can see till Haridwar. The train crossed the Ganga Canal – The first glimpse of the holy river Ganga. Clean freshwater flowing. A thought about swimming.

In short, my experience in the general class day train journey was good and very close to myself and nature. I will try to continue.

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