Have You Ever Had Telugu Cuisine at Andhra Pradesh/Telangana Bhawan Canteen in Delhi?

Yes, recently during my Delhi tour, I had Telugu Cuisine at Andhra Pradesh/Telangana Bhawan Canteen.

Every Indian State is represented in Delhi – The Capital of India by its Bhavan (House).

The State Bhavan is the home away from home for VIPs and officials of the respective State Government. These State Bhavan also have Canteens for the public where one may visit and have authentic State cuisine as breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Kerala House near Jantar Mantar maybe was my first visit years ago to have Kerala State Cuisine but hardly I remember.

This time during my Delhi visit I decided to visit the very popular/famous Andhra Bhavan Canteen (since 25+ years) situated at 1, Ashoka Road to have Telugu cuisine and especially their very famous Mutton Curry.

The nearest metro station to reach Andhra Bhavan Canteen are Central Secretariat or Patel Chowk.

I reached Patel Chowk metro station and from there I hire an auto for Andhra Bhavan Canteen.

The auto driver was well aware of the Andhra Bhavan Canteen.

Patel Chowk metro station to Andhra Bhavan Canteen is approx. 2 km and the auto fare I paid was Rs. 40.

As per Auto-driver, the minimum charge during daytime is Rs. 25 per one and a half kilometers.

Auto dropped me at the entrance of Andhra Pradesh Bhavan.

Display-board welcoming guests with a message – Andhra Pradesh & Telangana Bhawan (Sai Caterers) Canteen Re-Open on 25th June 2021.

Timings as below:

Breakfast – 8:00 am to 10:30 am

Lunch – 12 Noon to 3:00 pm

Dinner – 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm

I walk further. And after a security check-up reached the entrance of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana Bhawan Canteen.

Rate-Card neatly displayed at the canteen entrance.

Breakfast – Rs. 110 (1 pc. Idli + 1 pc. Vada + 1 pc. Dosa with Coffee/Tea)

Lunch – Rs. 170 South-Indian Thali (White Rice, Poori, Veg. Curries 2, Dal, Chutney, Curd, Sambhar & Rasam, Special Rice, Papad, Pickles, Gun Powder, Sweet)

Dinner – Rs. 170 South-Indian Thali (White Rice, Roti, Veg. Curries 2, Dal, Chutney, Curd, Sambhar & Rasam, Special Rice, Papad, Pickles, Gun Powder, Sweet)

Carrier Meal – Rs. 450 (serves 2-3 persons)

Everyday Special – Rs. 280 (Hyderabadi Dum Chicken Biryani [served with Gravy and Mix Raita])

Non-Veg. Side Dishes:

Chicken Fry – Rs. 190
Chicken Curry – Rs. 190
Mutton Fry (boneless) – Rs. 230
Mutton Curry – Rs. 220
Fish Fry – Rs. 230
Fish Curry – Rs. 230
Prawn Curry – Rs. 230


300 ml Cold Drink – Rs. 40
Water Bottle 1 Ltr. Rs. MRP
Tea – Rs. 10
Coffee – Rs. 20

Curd (cup) – Rs. 20
Papad (1 pc.) – Rs. 10
Sweet Cup – Rs. 20

GST Inclusive – Packaging Charges Applicable – Thali Sharing Not Allowed. They take orders on Swiggy also.

Outside Catering is Also Available for South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Mughlai.

Smoking is Prohibited in This Premises.

Another display stating – Please Wear A Mask. My Mask Protects You. Your Mask Protects Me. Thank you.

As I enter the canteen, I saw a queue in front of the cash counter and table seats packed with visitors. The time was approx. 1 pm. I am one hour late – a thought. Anyway, after a few minutes I was at the cash counter.

The system is to request the menu to the person present at the cash counter and pay cash to have a token and wait for your turn till the seat is empty.

As I was aware of its famous Mutton Curry, I question the cash counter person – What else I can have with Mutton Curry? Rice?

The person replied – We have a fixed menu. You have to take South-Indian Unlimited Thali for Rs. 170 and Mutton Curry.

Ok – said I. Rs. 390 paid. Token received and I stand for a few minutes. And within minutes I had a seat. The reason – solo.

The token was presented to one of the waiters.

I suggest: If you are with family/friends, visit early or else there’s a good chance you’ll have to wait for half an hour.

Anyway, the moment I had a seat, a steel thali having 7 in 1 compartment along with a steel glass with water was placed on the table by the waiter. Another few waiters served one by one all the South Indian dishes in all compartments of the thali.

But what I was anxiously waiting for was Mutton Curry which took a little time to arrive but finally, I had all.

Though I had few queries about the dish served such as Veg. Curries and Gun Powder but everybody was very busy. I skip.

The best was – The moment any dish is finished you will find a waiter present to fill your thali.

Please Note: Tables are on sharing basis and seating arrangements are just basic.

South-Indian Thali was Hygenic, almost home-made, and wasn’t spicy.

Mutton Curry was beyond imagination. Too Good. Tender & Soft. Highly recommended.

The service was quick and the requested order hardly took time to reach (except Mutton Curry).

Mostly there were South Indian people enjoying their lunch but I also saw Sikhs with family having their meal.

In short: If you are in/visiting Delhi, try to visit the State Bhavan of your choice to have authentic traditional State cuisine.

Overall – a nice experience. Enjoyed thoroughly! And not to forget – pocket-friendly. Value for money.

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