About: Shri Aadi Keshaw Vishnu Temple (Rajghat)

About: Shri Aadi Keshaw Vishnu Temple (Rajghat)

Lord Bholenath had sent all the deities including Ganesh ji to Kashi with the desire to get Kashi from King Divodas, but his wish to get Kashi could not be fulfilled because all the deities became residents of Kashi and did not return to Bholenath. In the end, Shiv ji sent Lord Vishnu to Kashi. After getting his permission, Lord Vishnu along with Lakshmi, riding on Garuda, circumambulating Shivji, and bowing him again and again, left for Kashi from Mandarachal mountain. At the confluence of Ganga-Varuna in Kashi, Lord Vishnu washed his hands and feet with a pure heart and took a holy bath, since then this pilgrimage is known as Vishnu Padodak.

For those who take a bath in this Padodak pilgrimage, their old sins accumulated in seven births will be destroyed. Whoever performs Shraddha and Tarpan with sesame water here, will save 21 men of his clan and as the ancestors are satisfied by performing Shraddha in Gaya, the same satisfaction is found in the Vishnu Padodak pilgrimage of Kashi. If Vishnu’s Charanamrit is taken at the Padodak Tirtha of Vishnu ji, then it should be considered as nectar.

Lord Vishnu ji, after taking bath at the Ganga-Varuna confluence, established this Trilokya Vyapini idol of black stone here with his own hands, since then this place is known as Adi Keshaw and Lord Vishnu himself said:

Those who worship my Adi Keshaw form in the immortal form of immortality (Kashi), in the end, attain the immortal position after being free from all sorrows.

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