Clean Shave/Massage in Delhi – How much I Paid?

I have always used Gillette Shaving Foam for clean shave but this time in Daryaganj, Delhi the barber applied Brooks Shaving Foam.

And the charges are Rs. 30/- only.

Next, for the head, shoulder, and back massage via hands, I paid – Rs 30.

How much for a haircut? – I question.

Rs. 50/- only

Yes, the barbershop was non-ac having only 2 people seating arrangement.

Another day, I visited a barbershop, almost opposite Zostel (backpacker hostel) at Arakashan Road, Paharganj in New Delhi.

Again non-ac with 2 people seating arrangement and for Clean Shave via Gillette Shaving Foam, I paid Rs. 50/-.

If I compare it with Mumbai Suburban, I pay in Mumbai in an air-conditioned shop (with 4 people seating arrangement) for Gillette Shaving Foam, Clean Shave – Rs. 80/- And for the head, shoulder, and back massage via hands – Rs. 150.

For haircuts, I pay in Mumbai – Rs. 100/-.

Delhi is not expensive?

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