About: 300-Year-Old Shahi Sunheri Masjid

Shahi Sunheri Masjid is situated on the left-hand side next to Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib at Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi.

The Mosque located near Kotwali Chabutra stands on a 2.1 m. high platform with shops on the ground floor. It is built by Nawab Raushan-u-daulah during the reign of Muhammad Shah in 1721 (Hijri 1134). It was from here, after defeating the Mughal ruler Muhammad Shah the Persian king Nadir Shah watched the massacre of the citizens of Delhi on 11th March 1737 that left the streets littered with corpses.

The domes of the mosque are covered with gilded copper while a narrow staircase leads to the main court with the main prayer hall. The Kalash of the dome which collapsed earlier was replaced by Raushan-u-daulah from another Mosque that belonged to him. This hall is shaded by a deep verandah supported on iron columns with a sandstone roof and has 3 arches leading to 3 domed compartments.

(Source: Display Board)

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