Kesaria Peda/Tilkut/Lai/Anarsa – Traditional Sweets of Gaya

Kesaria Peda/Tilkut/Lai/Anarsa – Traditional Sweets of Gaya

Kesaria Peda, Tilkut, Lai, Anarsa – Traditional Sweets of Gaya. It is available mostly at Tekari Road, Ramna Road, and Tower Chowk area. We visited Krishna Prakash Road near Tower Chowk and had talks with Pradeep Kumar Gupta, the owner of Kesaria Peda Dukaan which is 300 years old shop running for generations.

Kesaria Peda is made of Khoa, Tal Misri, Kesar, Choti Elaichi, Badi Elaichi and is made by hand. It is liked by many people and many States people visit to purchase it. The shop opens from 8 am till 8 pm.

Pradeep Kumar Gupta offered us Kesaria Peda to taste. It was very good in taste.

How much does the cost?

Rs. 280/- per Kg.

We order 250 gm. Thank you very much, and we walk towards Tekari Road to purchase Tilkut, Anarsa, and Lai.

Jai Shri Ram Tilkut Bhandar is one of the oldest shops on Tekari road. Though the price is a little high from other shops but was told that sweets are made in desi ghee and are a quality product.

Upon query, for how many days Anarsa and Lai will last?

5 days – The owner said.

We were convinced and ordered half Kg Tilkut, 250 gm Anarsa, and 250 gm Lai.

Tilkut and Anarsa is Rs. 220/- per Kg and Lai – Rs. 260/- per Kg.

Note: There are two types of Tilkut. One is made from sugar and one is from jaggery.

I have tasted Kesaria Peda and Anarsa till writing this post, but Tilkut has yet to taste. I am very much sure it is crisp always. Mostly, Tilkut is eaten during winter days.

In short, if you are visiting Gaya you should try to visit Tekari road, Ramna road, and the Tower chowk area to taste/purchase the traditional sweets of Gaya. They are really good and famous.

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