New Chowringee Cabin (150-Year-Old) – One of The Iconic, Heritage Restaurants

New Chowringee Cabin (150-Year-Old) – One of The Iconic, Heritage Restaurants

The plan was to visit the famous ‘Anadi Cabin’ but as it was fully packed and waiting customers, we decided to visit another beside restaurant – New Chowringee Cabin.

New Chowringee Cabin is a 150-year-old non-air-conditioned restaurant established by the current owner (Rakesh Sao) grandfather – Kartik Chandra Sao (originally from Banaras/Varanasi).

As the area’s name is Chowringhee, thus the restaurant is named as M/s. New Chowringee Restaurant.

Timings: 10 am – 10 pm (7 days open).

Nearest Metro Station: Esplanade

Currently, cabin restaurants hardly have cabins existing. The partition via plywood/curtains for private sitting arrangements vanished way back.

Earlier, these cabin restaurants were a favorite hangout for couples or families.

Though these cabin restaurants are not big in terms of space nor decorated interior design but are never empty with customers.

They are the pride of Kolkata especially known for Moghlai.

If you are in search of the best Moghlai Paratha in Kolkata, please visit these iconic/vintage cabin restaurants.

Mughlai Paratha, Plain Paratha, Biryani, Mutton Curry, Fish Fry, Kabiraji Cutlet – The signature dishes of New Chowringee Cabin.

We requested Chicken Moghlai Paratha (Rs. 120 each).

Chicken Moghlai Paratha at New Chowringee Cabin Restaurant (Kolkata, India)

The Chicken Moghlai Paratha is fried using a lot of refined oil in very high heat and served with Aloo (potato) Torkari and onion as a salad.

There is Duck Egg and Chicken Keema inside the refined flour paratha.

It was a hot, finger-licking taste, and not spicy.

Drool-worthy in short.

My friend enhanced my knowledge – Though New Chowringee Restaurant serves many dishes but people prefer to have its Moghlai Paratha. It is a kind of pioneer of Moghlai Paratha in Kolkata. It is one of the best oldest joints in Kolkata.

I agree. Their Moghlai Paratha is – awesome. I will definitely recommend New Chowringee Restaurant at least once.

In short, if you want to feel the old Kolkata charm then do visit cabin restaurants of Kolkata.

Customers are expected to share tables with other expected customers in such cabin restaurants.

The taste and quality of the Moghlai Paratha was extraordinary and mind-blowing. New Chowringee Restaurant is for sure one of the heritage cabins in the Esplanade area of Kolkata, famous for Moghlai.

If again I visit Kolkata, I will surely visit this place again and will try the other dishes too.

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