Chicken Stew – My Personal Favourite at Chitto Babur Dokan (70+ years old)

Chicken Stew – My Personal Favourite at Chitto Babur Dokan (70+ years old)

Read, The Times of India article dated May 7, 2011, about the World Health Organization survey and a certification that the food sold at Dacres Lane in Kolkata is among the best street food available anywhere.

Further, online research and Chitto Babur Dokan (more than 70 years old) situated at James Hickey Sarani (popularly known as Dacres Lane), Esplanade East, Kolkata – the result.

One of the most popular ones with more than 3,000 Google reviews.

I discussed this with my Kolkata friend and we reached Dacres Lane via Esplanade metro station.

My friend further enhanced my knowledge by saying – You will find a taste of authentic Bengali food in Dacres Lane and Chittoda’s Dokan – a heritage, is the home to Kolkata’s one of the finest veg./non-veg. street food.

Vintage Kolkata’s lane is surrounded by offices, thus, called the Office Para (office locality). Most office-goers come here for a meal.

Though Chitto Babu is no more, the Dokan is looked after by his son and nephew Samir Roy, Sujay Roy, and Sandeep Roy.

Timings: 7 am – 8 pm (Sunday/Gazetted/Office Holidays closed)

Menu: Chicken/Mutton/Veg. Stew, Chicken/Mutton/Egg Curry, Chicken Pakoda, Fish Fry/Roll, Egg Devil, Aloo Dum, Tea.

The lane was busy with pedestrians, two-wheelers, and an occasional car – I saw.

Limited wooden benches are placed on the opposite side of the Dokan – the true experience of Kolkata street food.

Customers at Chitto Babur Dokan (Dacres Lane, Kolkata, India)

The benches were full of customers but the serving attendants were taking care of every customer with utmost care.

We requested 2 plates of Egg Devil (Rs. 80) – served with mustard sauce.

Egg Devil at Chitto Babur Dokan (Dacres Lane, Kolkata, India)

Lip-smacking, mouthwatering, palatable – it was.

Chitto Babur Dokan is mainly known for Chicken Stew with butter-toast. One of my favorite places to have a budget-friendly yet extremely delicious meal in Kolkata – friend further enhanced my knowledge.

I agree – said I. The crowd is a clear indication of how popular Chitto Babur Dokan is and the quality of the Egg Devil – amazing. Every food lover must visit Chitto Babur Dokan at least once.

The urge to have more was increased. And I requested – 2 plates of Chicken Stew with butter-toast (Rs. 216).

Chicken Stew at Chitto Babur Dokan (Deckers Lane, Kolkata, India)

Within minutes it was served piping hot. I liked the combination – Chicken Stew with butter-toast and it was not spicy.

It was surprising. I could not believe, I was having Chicken Stew on the streets of Kolkata. It was tender and juicy. The Chicken Stew plate was also having a large thick piece of papaya, and a large carrot, lightly sprinkled with black pepper in it.

More than veggies I liked the Chicken. It was excellent. I Super enjoyed it. Finger-licking – it was.

If you are in Kolkata, you should visit Chitto Babur Dokan to satiate your taste buds with its rich flavors veg./non-veg. items.

Chitto Babur Dokan is a legendary part of Dacres Lane though it is a small eatery.

I personally like the quality & quantity of the items served, the very prompt service, and the ambiance.

The total amount paid for 2 people: Rs. 296/- only.

I thank my dear friend from Kolkata who took me to the famous eatery in Kolkata.  Because of him, I had a heavenly experience at lunchtime at Chitto Babur Dokan. Thanks again.

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