About: Shankaracharya and Kalpavriksha (Mulberry Tree)

1. Shankar, Later on known as SHANKARACHARYA was born in the family of Acharya Shiv Guru about 2500 years ago in village KALTI (Kerala)

2. At the age of 11 years, he came to Badrikaranya, and performed penance for 5 years. It is said that while performing penance, he sat under the tree now known as ‘KALPVRIKSHA‘, where he saw the light (vision).

3. Around that time heterodox atheist forces such as Buddhists, Kapaliks, and Charwaks had started questioning the authority of Vedas and people’s faith in the Vedic religion. They also damaged Badrinath Temple and threw the idol of Badrinarayan into the NARAD KUND of ALAKNANDA.

4. His holiness, Shankaracharya repaired the damaged temple, reinstalled the idol of Badrinaryan, and restarted worship of Badrinath. He established the first of four Hindu monasteries or maths as Jyotirmath (now known as Joshimath).

5. Kalpavriksha is a Mulberry tree that has survived more than 2500 years. People worship Shiv Lingam near the tree. It is also said that Shiv Lingam was also installed by Adi Shankracharya and his holiness used to take rest in the cave near Kalpvriksha.

6. The heads of all the four maths established by Adi Shankaracharyas are also known as Shankaracharyas. Shankaracharyas are symbolic of Lord Shiva.

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