Karan’s Corbett Motel – One of The Best Restaurant in around Corbett Tiger Reserve

We were about to start the sightseeing tour via a hired car, but we were hungry. We requested our cab driver to take us to a good restaurant for lunch. He advised two restaurants. One in Ramnagar and another one near Corbett Waterfall. As Corbett Waterfall was far away and we were very hungry we opted for Ramnagar restaurant. The driver took us to Karan’s Corbett Motel situated at Manglar Road in Ramnagar.

The restaurant was full. Our table and seat were placed in the lawn. We ordered one dal makhani, one aalu gobhi, and half a plate chicken curry. The moment we had our first bite it was sure that the quality of served food is excellent and especially when we are having it in the open lawn.

Highly recommended – I will suggest it if you are touring Corbett and hungry for good quality food.

How much do we pay for lunch?

Rs. 595/- only for 3 people.

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