Birding Sites in Nainital

Birding Sites in Nainital

The bird is a Verditer Flycatcher – Male – The photo was taken at Niglat, Bhowali in Nainital, (Uttarakhand).

During the birding trail in the Himalayan Botanic Garden 7 km from Nainital on Kaladungi road, I received the Uttarakhand Forest Department brochure via tour guide that talks about Common Birds of Nainital via Photos (by Amit Verma, IFS) and Birding Sites in Nainital. Yes, I would like to visit but as of now, I would like to share the Birding Sites in Nainital because many are interested to know to visit. Correct?

Birding Sites of Nainital

  • Nainital Zoo Forest
  • Snow View
  • Governor’s House
  • Tanki to Naina Peak
  • Barapather to Land’s End
  • Barapathar to Tiffin Top
  • Barapather to Himalayan Botanic Garden
  • Birding Trail in Himalayan Botanic Garden
  • Birding Trail in Lingdhar
  • Kilbury to Pangot (On-Road)
  • Kilbury to Pangot (Trek through Forest)
  • Kilbury to Naina Peak
  • Vinayak
  • Brahmasthali
  • Kunjakharak
  • Saattal
  • Patwadangar-Kalona-Jyolikote
  • Hanumangarhi

Thank you tour guide, Thank you Uttarakhand Forest Department, and Thank you, Amit Ji.

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