How much Time I took to Trek from Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib (to and fro)?

How much Time I took to Trek from Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib (to and fro)?

This photo was taken at Hemkund Lake, Hemkund Sahib (Uttarakhand).

4:30 am we were getting ready for the next 6 km steep trek.

Had a bath with Rs. 50 hot water bucket.

5:30 am we started Ghangaria Hemkund trek.

5:45 we were walking nearby a waterfall while having a look at the frozen water.

We cross a bridge over Pushpawati River flowing from the Valley of Flowers.

(Valley of Flowers is 3 km from Ghangaria Village. The trek is nearby. Currently, gates were closed)

7:20 am i.e., after almost 2 hours of steep trekking we stop for breakfast.

At 7:45 am we re-started our journey. Many times during the trek I thought of hiring a mule but NO.

At 10:20 am we reached the first glacier. This is the point where the mules/horses’ journey ends.

Note: One can reach Ghangaria Village from Govindghat via Helicopter, trekking, mule, kandi, or palki but from Ghangaria trekking, mule, kandi, palki is the only option till you reach the first glacier.

The first glacier was approx. 20 meters in length and maybe 6 feet wide. The valley down below was clearly visible. I tried to cross on my own and slipped in the middle of the glacier but I was in control. I stop myself from further walking. Anup Rawat – a horseman was standing alone on the other side of the glacier. I requested him to come. He helped to cross the first glacier.

Thank you – said I and a small amount of donation for his help.

The second glacier was not too far. The stony path was clear with no snow. Easy cross this time. Further stony trek from both sides was covered with thick layers of snow.

One can hear Shabad Kirtan the moment one is nearby glaciers. Nishan Sahib (Sikh holy triangular yellow/orange color flag) is also visible. The distance to trek is approx. 2 – 3 km yet. The 5 – 6 feet wide path is one-sidedly covered with snow and another side is a deep valley also covered with snow. It was a new experience because I haven’t trekked in snow till-date. Thoroughly enjoyed.

At 12:30 noon hours, we reached Hemkund Sahib.

The total Trek Time from Ghangaria Village to Hemkund Sahib was 7 hours approx. including break-time.

While returning from Hemkund Sahib to Ghangaria we started our journey at 2 pm after listening Ardās.

Nobody is allowed to stay at night at Hemkund Sahib. Most of the pilgrims start their journey after 2 pm.

3:10 pm I crossed the second glacier with the help of a porter – Kishan.

3:30 pm we stop for Aaloo Paratha + Tea (Rs. 40 + 20 each)

At 6:00 pm we reached Ghangaria.

The total Trek Time from Hemkund Sahib to Ghangaria Village was 4 hours approx. including break-time.

In short, I haven’t done trekking a lot, but I have to say the Hemkund Sahib’s visit was the best I had to date. Little costly because the hotel rates the minimum I found was Rs. 800 for a single bed with an attached bathroom/toilet. Food was costly too but still a picturesque trek indeed.

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