About: Panchganga Ghat – Ancient Name was Vindumadhava Ghat

About: Panchganga Ghat – Ancient Name was Vindumadhava Ghat

Panchganga Ghat

Panchganga Ghat is one of the five most ancient Tirtha (Ghats) of Kashi and one of the most vibrant Ghats at present. Since ancient times, it has been recognized as the second head of Kashi (after Adikeshwar) in the form of Vishnu Kshetra. Due to the presence of Vindumadhava (Vishnu) temple on the ghat, its ancient name was Vindumadhava Ghat. In front of the ghat, Panchnad Tirtha is prominent among the Tirthas situated in the Ganga. After Aurangzeb destroyed the main temple (Bindumadhav) of the Ghat in the seventeenth century and converted it into a mosque, the name of the Ghat became Panchnad or Panchganga.

The initial mention of Vindmadhav Tirtha (Ghat) is found in Matsyapurana. According to popular legend, Vishnu reached Adikeshav in Kashi by the order of Shiva. While visiting Kashi, reached the Panchnad pilgrimage where an ascetic named Agrivindu was engrossed in Vishnu’s Aradhana. Seeing the Vishnu in front of him, he praised and when he was pleased, asked for a boon to do the welfare of the devotees. Panchnad should reside only on the pilgrimage, which was accepted by Vishnu. It is believed that since then Vishnu became famous by the name of Vindumadhava.

Its detailed mention is found in Kashi Khand and Kashi Rahasya by the name of Panchnad Tirtha. It is believed that there is a confluence of four other rivers Yamuna, Saraswati, Kirana, and Dhritapapa invisibly in Ganga, due to which it is called Panchganga or Panchnad Tirtha. From the point of view of religious and cultural activities, this Ghat is especially important for the Vaishnava community. This ghat is considered to be the area of Kanchipuri under Chha-Puri located in Kashi. The fruit that you get by taking a bath in Prayag in the entire month of Magh is obtained by just taking a one-day bath at the Panchganga Ghat in Kashi. Bathing at this ghat has special significance even in the month of Kartik. There is a maximum crowd from Ekadashi of Shukal Paksha of Kartik month to Purnima. There are many ghats and buildings located in the vicinity of the Ghat, in which the Kangan Haveli Tailang Swami Math is famous.

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