Shri Giriraj ji Maharaj Temple – Starting Point of Govardhan Hill Parikrama

After visiting Samadhi of Surdas and Chandra Sarovar 5 km more drive and we stop at Daan Ghati temple as it is the start of the Giriraj Parikrama. A visit to Shri Giriraj ji Maharaj Temple.

Devotees before starting Giriraj parikrama visit the temple and then for a 21 km journey. Few walk or use vehicles and many you will watch doing Sashtang Dandwat.

It is said that for 7 days there was continuous rain. Braj people were scared. That time Lord Krishna lifted Giriraj – The mountain on his left-hand finger to create a shelter to save villagers from rain.

We did the parikrama by our hired vehicles because of a few old devotees and also to save time to continue our journey.

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